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CVMA Mission

Our mission is supporting veterans organizations and charities through fund-raising events, education, and awareness. The CVMA is a motorcycle association, not a club. We enjoy riding together and participating in our events and supporting motorcycle and veteran related events in our communities. Details of membership in the CVMA can be found on the CVMA national web site home page.

AR 7-2 Family

The Arkansas Chapter 7-2 of the CVMA is very much a family. We have an active membership always looking for the next event to sponsor or support; we have a leadership that empowers all chapter members to be active in and responsible for the direction of the AR 7-2 Family.

A few of the events we participate in throughout the year are:

* VA Stand Down - Fayetteville, AR more info
* Wreaths Across America more info
* and many neighbouring CVMA Chapter events

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Chapter Officers

Steve "Top" Real

Kevin "Happy" Ely

Steve "Top" Real

Randy "Blinker" Whiteaker

Austin "FISTer" Duncan

Cindy "Quack" Whiteaker

Scott "Voodoo" Fisher

Jerry "Papa" Quarles

Mike "Lil Mik" Conway

Gerry "GMan" Schlais

State Officers

Jeremy "Spiderman" Baker

All proceeds from our Chapter Store go to helping veteran's causes and veterans directly in Northwest Arkansas. The 7-2 Chapter is a 501(c) Charitable Organization and all donations are tax deductable. If you would like to donate items other than money, please contact one of the Chapter Officers listed in the information pane on the right side of every page. Use the button below to donate money. Please indicate in the note field if you want your donation to go specifically for the Swearingen Education Fund. All donations not specifically defined will go to the general account for all veterans causes.